I started out with a Minolta Hi-Matic E. It was a 35mm rangefinder with a fixed lens. The reason I bought this camera in high school was because of what I saw around me. I saw beauty, shapes, colors, expressions, shades of light and I wanted to capture this on film. From there I started my journey in photography. My next camera was the Minolta SRT 100 35mm SLR. I stayed with various Minoltas for many years and ventured of to a Pentax 35mm camera that only lasted a short time.
I took a photography course in college that taught me the basics and gave me a strong foundation to build upon. I learned the technical part of photography along with developing B/W film and printing in the dark room. Dodging and burning became a tool we used regularly to get the perfect photo. Post processing with software today makes it a lot easier to repair and enhance photos.
My first digital was a 1 mega pixel Kodak DC120 Zoom that I bought used and broken for $25 online. So I took it apart and fixed it. It has been working ever since.
The Nikon D100 was my first DSLR and several years later I bought the Nikon D300.
I enjoy nature and people photography along with photo editing. Repairing an old and tattered photo is fun and challenging to me.
Please email if you have any questions or would like to purchase any of my photos.
Please enjoy the photos and leave your comments.
Thank you,
Anthony Heyward